Dan Mosheim for Dorset Custom Furniture

Artist Statement

I have been working as a furniture maker full time since 1980, and before that, part time from the early 70′s. I am self taught and enjoy working with customers to create beautiful pieces that combine our experience and their design ideas.

As a result, we have been encouraged/required to research and work in a wide variety of historical styles, from High Federal to Memphis, the late 80′s Italian craze.

Left to our own devices, lately we have been creating both sculptural and functional work, using a combination of inlays, both metal and wood and color to create designs that are rooted in tradition, yet have a contemporary feeling …

Over the years, our output has expanded so that I now employ four assistants, three in the woodshop, including our younger son Will, and Sam, our older son, is responsible for not only his own metal forging and fabrication work, but also the custom sculptural and functional metal needs of our woodworking business.

We have a modern shop and use computer assisted drawing (CAD) to communicate with our clients. In addition, six years ago we purchased a CNC (computer numerically controlled) router to speed up complicated inlays, curved work and prototyping.

We also have a deep website with over 300 photos, as well as an online photojournal/weblog with thousands of photos where clients see their pieces progress from lumber when it comes in the door to finished furniture going out the door. We also view that blog as a means to preserve and share the ‘tribal knowledge’ that accumulates as we explore the design/ build process.

We prefer to work in native hardwoods like cherry, walnut and curly maple, both natural and stained, and welcome your custom commissions.

Photography: Juris Mardwig

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