Warren Barber for Roots & Rust

Artist Statement

Born in Becket Massachusetts on a farm in the middle of the woods.

My escape was always to further submerse my self into natures beauty.

After 7 years of gardening, a couple root balls caught my eye and it was all over. I sat looking at these lamp bases wondering how I could possibly keep in tune with nature as much as I wanted to.

A good friend (I can’t thank you enough Bart!) lead me to the birch tube idea… then it was really all over.  What might have been a hobby turned into a wildfire that I can’t put out.

I was around for the grass roots of Alchemy Initiative and they asked me if I would vend at the Handmade Holiday Festival in 2009. That was my first step onto the scene and into the market saying “I think this is what I do.” Now I know for sure.

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