Jessica Wickham

Artist Bio

Wickham Solid Wood Studio makes solid wood furniture using responsibly sourced Hudson Valley hardwoods.

Founded on the premise that we have extraordinary resources “in our own back yard,” Wickham Solid Wood Studio takes delight in the use of black walnut, white oak, black cherry, white ash, red elm and other local species.

Jessica  Wickham’s carefully crafted designs combine natural forms with modernist elements — and the results are  unique, timeless pieces of furniture.

Dedicated to responsible, sustainable, artisanal use of our natural resources. Wickham has been sourcing “dead and down” logs from Hudson Valley landscapers since 2004 and custom milling them at our bandsaw mill in Bullville, NY.

Carefully stacked flitches are air-dried for approximately two years followed by kiln drying to ensure workability for fine furniture.

Jessica Wickham is a native New Yorker who studied cultural anthropology at the University of Michigan, worked on Wall Street and followed a path that  led to Japan, where she lived for 5 years and was deeply inspired by traditions of fine craft.

Wickham Solid Wood Studio is a product of her passion for solid wood, meticulous craftsmanship and love of all things locavore.


Photography: Juris Mardwig


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